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In Memoriam

PIETRO CORSI (1937-2017)
Pietro Corsi was a novelist, journalist, translator and co-creator of radio programs for RAI, the Italian official radio. Born in Cascalenda, Italy, he moved to Montreal in 1959 and worked for the weekly newspaper Il Cittadino Canadese. Corsi became a successful top executive for Princess Cruises and moved to CAlifornia. He authored books ranging fro fiction to essays, cookbooks and training manuals for the cruise industry. His first work of fiction, La Giobba/Winter in Montreal, won the F.G. Bressani Prize in 2002. His published works include Halifax: The Other Door to America, The Sweet, Salty Smell of the Sea, The Light of the Soul: Neruda, the White Raven, the Black Cat, and La figlia del corvo/Raven's Daughter. 

We are saddened to announce the passing of Anna Maria Carlevaris, a longtime member of the AICW. She taught at Concordia University and Dawson College, Montreal. She held a PhD and a MA in Art History from Concordia University, and a BFA in Photographic Arts from Ryerson University. Her writings on art appeared in contemporary art magazines, journals, exhibition catalogues, and anthologies such as Public Art in Canada (U. of Toronto Press) and Women's Art Production Between the Wars (Ashgate Press, UK). Anna Carlevaris passed away on December 23, 2012.

FRANK CAUCCI (1952 - 2011)
Frank Caucci was a Canadian academic and translator who had taught at McGill and Acadia University but since 1986 was teaching French and Canadian Studies at Indiana University Northwest in Gary, Indiana. In 2002 Frank earned a MSW and transferred to the Division of Social Work at IUN. He translated Pier Giorgio Di Cicco's Tough Romance into French as Les Amours difficiles (Guernica, 1990) and Mary di Michele's Bread and Chocolate into Pain et chocolat (le Noroit, 1996). He published numerous articles on Canadian writers. His book Les Voix d'éros: La poésie amoureuse de Paul Éluard et Pablo Neruda, appeared in 1989 and his edited work Nancy Huston: A Critical Collection in 2008.

JOHN G. MADOTT (1918 – 2011)
John Madott saw life with the passionate eye of the artist, its colour, texture, rhythm and form captured on his canvasses. He loved his family well and unconditionally, and he filled our world with laughter, opportunity and the encouragement to embrace our gifts, to take risks, to be. His perspective and vision will continue to touch all who love him and who shared life?s stage with him: his wife and devoted partner of 67 years, Francesca (nee Spadafora); his daughters, Valerie (Joseph), Darlene, and Francine (Charles); his grandchildren, Vanessa, Ross, and Marcus; his extended family and friends.

After a short illness Yolanda passed away on June 15, 2013 in her 84th year. Professor Emeritus with the Faculty of Business at Ryerson University, Yolanda had a distinguished career as an educator. Deeply committed to teaching, she engaged her students with passion and served her department as a thoughtful, dedicated Chair and colleague. After her retirement from Ryerson, she enjoyed writing about her Sicilian heritage and was an enthusiastic supporter of Italian Canadian writers.

Born in Cimitile, Naples, Corrado Mastropasqua graduated in medicine from the university of Naples, spent six years as a medical officer in the Italian navy and came to Montreal, Canada in 1961. After completing his four-year training in anaesthesia at the Royal Victoria Hospital, he joined the staff at Santa Cabrini Hospital where he was chief of anaesthesia until his retirement in 1995. Co-founder of the Italian theatre group “Le Maschere”, he pursued his passion for acting on stage, in film and on television. A true Renaissance man, he was a published poet and accomplished singer of opera and Neapolitan songs. He passed away February 19, 2010.