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About the AICW Remembers Project

In June of 2011, the Association of Italian Canadian Writers (AICW), in partnership with Guernica Editions and Accenti Magazine, launched AICW Remembers the Internment of Italian Canadians. AICW Remembers is a national project created to increase public awareness and knowledge about the internment of Italian Canadians during the Second World War, in the hope of bringing about a greater understanding of broader issues such as racism and discrimination – in both historical and contemporary terms.     

The project consisted of the production and wide distribution of two companion books on the internment – in traditional print media and as electronic books. As well, selected material appeared in issues of Accenti Magazine. The books were published in Winter 2012 and were launched in five cities across Canada in March.


AICW Remembers the Internment of Italian Canadians was produced by the Association of Italian Canadian Writers, in partnership with Guernica Editions and Accenti Magazine. The project was funded by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Community Historical Recognition Program - CHRP).

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